A FREE Live-streamed Event for Families During COVID-19
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Are you a parent struggling with lockdown living and worried about...

❌ Protecting your family's health

❌ Caring for someone with COVID-19

❌ Your family's emotional wellbeing

❌ Managing escalating behaviours

❌ Homeschooling

❌ Or, falling apart...?

If so, you're not alone. Many families are sharing these exact same concerns. Don't let pandemic panic overwhelm you. Instead, take immediate action and join us to get informed and be armed with practical strategies that you can apply directly into your lockdown life. This is why we created this Conquer Lockdown Living event
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Conquer Lockdown Living
In a united approach, Sydney's top tier health and education professionals are teaming together to host a FREE Live-stream event to address and support many of the concerns experienced by families in lockdown living.

Conquering Lockdown Living is a 1-night Live-streamed event for families across Australia. This means you do not have to travel or buy a ticket to attend. You just need to register below. Be prepared to get the help you need!
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Here is exactly what you will learn from some of the most prominent voices in health and homeschooling

We have gathered some of the key speakers in the areas of medicine, psychology, speech pathology, occupational therapy and homeschooling. They will share their expertise and top strategies for managing emotional regulation and behaviour, mental health and well-being and learning at home as well as how to spot signs, monitor and are for family members with COVID-19. They are here to help us all thrive, not just survive during lockdown living.

In 5 back-to-back presentations you'll discover practical approaches that can be easily implemented into your everyday family lives.

Speakers and Agenda
With Dr Rick Kind
How to manage your family's health during COVID-19

Many of us are unsure whether we really know what symptoms  of COVID-19 are, what medications we could take to manage symptoms, where exactly we should go to get testing and what happens if we do have the coronavirus.

Dr Kind is ready to myth-bust and walk us through the practical ways you can minimise risks and maximise you and your family's health.

He will talk through what you should have in a home medical kit, provide clarity on reasonable precautions, share how to spot and clearly monitor signs of COVID-19. He will talk specifically on how to support children and elderly family members whose underlying conditions place them at greater risk with COVID-19.

✔ Learn about the 5 must have things to keep in your home medical kit

✔ Discover the health habits to start now

✔ Find out which 6 signs should be monitored for early detection of COVID-19

✔ Learn how to practically care for a family member in isolation

With Leisa Aitken
Taking care of your child and your family's emotional well-being 

Is lockdown living driving you crazy? Over the last weeks, have you felt despair, fear, overwhelm? Eaten more cheese and crackers... at all times of day? Cried? Have your kids' behaviours escalated with more meltdowns, or regressed with bedwetting or not sleeping at night? 

If so, you are not alone. Many of us are in emotional chaos with a sense of lack of control.

Leisa is a Clinical Psychologist on the Northern Beaches who helps individuals manage the complexities of life. She primarily uses a family systems approach to help us understand how our relationships affect our mental health and how the way we relate to others impact their well-being. Of course, all these dynamics have been thrown into chaos and intensified in our current lockdown living situation.

Leisa is ideally placed to share her insights on how we can best support our families' emotional wellness.

✔ Learn how to manage your own emotions and anxieties in lockdown living

✔ Helping our children when they are anxious

✔ Find out how to balance separateness and togetherness at home

✔ How to stay hopeful

With Amanda Parsons
Supporting emotional regulation & sensory processing in lockdown living

To be honest, we 're probably all struggling with the realities of social distancing and lockdown living. Perhaps in different ways on different days. For children, the sudden restrictions in activities, abrupt changes to household dynamics, the stress of suddenly trying to learn at home independently on a device, loss of social and outside play is too much.

Many families report regression or escalations in behaviours and poor ability to mange emotions. Usual coping strategies are not working because nothing is usual about lockdown living. This particularly affects children with autism and ADHD who struggle with transition or attention and focus.

Amanda is the Director of Kids OT on the Northern Beaches. She will be sharing strategies to support emotional regulation and provide exercises for children with sensory processing challenges who are especially heightened. These strategies will equip children of all ages. 

✔ Become aware of zones of regulation

✔ Discover 5 strategies that can calm the senses

✔ Practical physical set-ups that can engage children with ADHD and help them focus on homeschooling

✔ Uncover which strategies you can use to conquer sensory processing challenges at home

With Mimi Naylor
Boosting language & literacy during lockdown

Is your child struggling with language or literacy skills? Is this impacting their ability to complete homeschool tasks or to work independently?

In this session, Mimi Naylor, Director of Talkshop Speech Pathology will share with you key language and literacy-boosting strategies she trains teachers to use in the classroom.  Each of these can be easily adapted for home. She will share ways to 'gamify' learning to engage kids who struggle with focus and attention.

For preschooler families, Mimi will provide ways to continue practicing and supporting speech, language and social skills development in lockdown living.

✔ How to gamify every learning activity to engage busy kids

✔ Learn about the top 5 language learning strategies that can be done as part of everyday life

✔ Practice the one method you need to teach spelling

✔ Save time and energy: How to read one book effectively to all your kids

With Sam Nimmo

Hacking homeschooling

We save the best till last!

Sam Nimmo is a guru in the home-schooling world. She has four children of her own, ranging in age from 8 years to 18 years, and has been homeschooling them for the last 9 years.

A Cambridge University graduate, who was a lecturer with the Open University in the UK, she also tutors other children in maths and science from Kindy to Year 12. As such, she is ideally placed to talk on how to homeschooling children of different ages across different stages of the curriculum. 

Sam admins a large local FB group for parents who are homeschooling. She will share some of the common pitfalls, and practical tips to making that home teaching and learning an improved experience. Sam will also touch on how to support children with special needs.

 Identify and remove obstacles to home learning

✔ How to set up flexible daily routines

✔ What help does my child need from me? 

✔ What can my child achieve without supervision?

✔ Access useful homeschooling resources